last makeup

  • 洋白 錫 キュービックジルコニア  / nickel silver tin cubic zirconia
  • H200×W100×D25

作品制作に失敗は付き物である。 当初はミニチュアの洋服をイメージしたオブジェ作品を制作するべく、実物のフリルやファーなどをワックスに浸し、焼失原型として鋳造した。 洋白で鋳造した所湯流れが悪く、穴が空いたり分裂したりと原型とは違う形が生まれた。また酸化皮膜が酷く、本来の綺麗な金属の色とは程遠い。 失敗のように感じたが、いつかテレビで見た死体修復師の仕事が頭に浮かび、彫金技法で修復を試みることに。 偶然生まれた形や色を活かし、新たな作品として生まれ変わらせた。

Mistakes are part and parcel of artistic creation. At first, I wanted to make miniature sculptures of Western clothing. I dipped a real-life frilly dress and fur into wax to cast an original wax model with the lost-wax method. I had used German silver in this process, but the material ran poorly, causing fissures and cracks to form. Consequently, the metal cast did not match the original wax model. Moreover, an unsightly oxide layer formed, making the cast quite unlike the elegant metallic color of the original. It seemed that my efforts had failed. But then, I remembered once watching on TV a program featuring someone who restores corpses. I decided to attempt some restoration work myself using metal engraving. I took the forms and colors that had emerged accidentally and reconstituted them into a new piece of art.

杉山 こころ - profile image

杉山 こころ


神奈川出身 2018年東京藝術大学工芸科入学 彫金を専攻し、主にジュエリーを制作

SUGIYAMA KOKORO was born in Kanagawa Prefecture and enrolled at the Department of Crafts at the Tokyo University of Art in 2018. She majors in metal curving, and many of her artworks involve jewelry.

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