Once Upon Now 1873-2023

  • 3 Channel Video (22:10 min), 6 Channel Sound (22:10min), Glass Sculptures, Aluminium Sculptures, Prints on Fabric
  • H4m x W6m x D15m / 22:10min

150年前、日本はウィーン万博で初めて国家として自己紹介し、ヨーロッパ各地でジャポニズムへの関心に火をつけました。このイベントは、日本とヨーロッパの文化・経済交流のきっかけとなる重要な出来事でした。「Once Upon Now 1873-2023」(OUN)は、150周年に対する現代的な立場を表した映像と音によるパフォーマンス・インスタレーションです。 The Pavilion of Togetherness(共生の場のパビリオン)は、文化間交流のプラットフォームとして2023年に東京で開催されました。マルチチャネルな映像と音のインスタレーションでは、グローバル化した時代における西洋と東洋の二元性をぼかすため、ヨハンナが文化間の代替的な現実や異なる色彩で戯れます。 来訪者は、オーストリアと日本の関係性の別世界のナラティブであり、歴史とフィクションの間で意味が失われてしまった時を超える旅へと招かれます。インスタレーションは馴染み深くも異質でもあるイメージを超越的な空間性の中で集団的な記憶から形成します。技術をソフトパワーと支配の手段ではなく、実験的で思索的なツールとして伝統や儀式を再構築する、進化し続ける生きた事柄として捉えています。

Once upon a time, 150 years ago to be precise, Japan presented itself as a nation for the first time at the Vienna World's Fair, sparking interest in Japonism throughout Europe. This event was an important anchor for the start of cultural and economic exchanges between Japan and Europe. “Once Upon Now 1873-2023” (OUN) is a performative video and sound installation that represents a contemporary position on the 150th anniversary. The Pavilion of Togetherness took place in Tokyo in 2023 as a platform for intercultural exchange. In a multichannel video and sound installation, Johanna plays with alternative realities and different shades between cultures, to blur the dualism between West and East in a globalized age. Visitors are invited on a journey through time, an otherworldly narrative of the Austrian and Japanese relationship – lost in the translation between history and fiction. The installation forms familiar and foreign images from collective memories in a transcendental spatiality. It deals with technology not as a means of soft power and domination, but as an experimental and speculative tool, as a living and ever-evolving matter that reshapes traditions and rituals.

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JOHANNA RIEDL is a media artist who works with video, sound and sculpture. Through performative encounters, Johanna expands the relationship, function and existence of technology in society, in which new possibilities arise between nature and technology. The work creates an environment of speculation and highlights a critical view of research and production, which reduces the potential to strategically calculated measures. Audiences can allow the existence and coexistence of technology, and sculptures equally become social actors entangled in a collective mindset.

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