Nonsensical Musical

  • oil and acrylic on canvas
  • F15

誰も自分だけの曲を持っている、自分だけのユニークな楽器、自分だけのテクニック、自分だけの声を持っている。 他の人の好みに合わない曲もあるのは当然。 弦をかき鳴らす音に耳を痛め、つい後悔の念を口にしてしまう。 他人の生き方や曲調にとやかく言う権利はどこにある? 私たちに耳さえなければ、他人に迷惑をかけたり、悩まされたりすることもなく、平和に調和に音楽と言うものを一緒に楽しむことができるのでしょう。

Everyone has their own unique tune, everyone has a unique instrument, a unique technique, a unique voice. It's a given that some people's tunes will not be to the tastes of others. They make snide remarks about his strumming technique, they ooh and ahh at her humming, their screeching strings hurt my ears a little and it makes me say something i regret. What gives us the right to comment on another's way of life? another's tune? Sometimes i think, if only we had no ears, we wouldn't have to bother or be bothered by others, we could enjoy our music in peace in harmony, we could dance and groove together, each to our own tunes.

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I create because I am

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