Tokyo Geidai ARTFES 2023 is held online with the objective of providing a platform for artist development and presentation of artworks, as well as in partnership with A7 (ARTs7)* to think together about social issues at a global scale.

* What is A7 (ARTs7)?

Tokyo University of the Arts initiated “A7” on the occasion of the G7 in Hiroshima. A joint statement was issued by seven art universities around the world, aiming for world peace through the power of ARTs.

In the first joint statement, the ARTs “seek to address social challenges and contribute to world peace” and announced plans to hold an online student art festival in the fall with peace as the theme.

Metaverse distribution will exhibit the works nominated by the participating A7 universities (about 3 works) and the President's Award winners.

Awards and prize money

Award name Number of works Prize
Tokyo University of the Arts President's Award 3 works total 300 000 JPY per work
Mizuho Award 4 works total 150 000 JPY per work
Excellence Award about 15 works total 100 000 JPY per work
Honorable Mention Award about 20 works total 50 000 JPY per work
  • The award details and number of prizes are subject to change.
  • The Mizuho Award-winning works might be used in collaboration with Mizuho, such as display on monitors in Mizuho Bank branches.


  • The works will be judged by a jury panel consisting of the President, Trustees, Department Heads, faculty members and others.
  • The Mizuho Award will be decided by Tokyo Geidai with input from Mizuho employees.
  • All judging will be conducted based on the entry details and submitted materials.
  • The jury results regarding website dissemination will be e-mailed to all applicants in late October.
  • Award winning entries will be announced in December.

Online viewing period

  • From around November 2023 to May 2024 (tentative)

Host & sponsorship

Organizer: Tokyo University of the Arts

For more than 130 years since its foundation, Tokyo University of the Arts has been the center of art education and research in Japan, and has produced many outstanding artists, educators, and researchers.

Currently, Tokyo University of the Arts has two faculties, the Faculty of Fine Arts and the Faculty of Music, and four graduate schools, the Graduate School of Fine Arts, the Graduate School of Music, the Graduate School of Film and New Media, and the Graduate School of Global arts.

Supported by: Mizuho Financial Group, Inc.

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