Why not use a tool to stir up new desires?

日比野克彦 写真

Tools have functions. Pots are for boiling, and wheels are for transportation. Tools are created to fulfill the desires of human beings.

We have a desire to express ourselves. We also have a desire to communicate our selves to others. What means, methods, and tools have humans created to fulfill such desires?

Tokyo Geidai ARTFES is an exhibition “tool.” It directly responds to the human desire to see, all in one place, works of art expressed through various different means.

Why not use this tool to harbor a new desire all over again?

Katsuhiko Hibino President Tokyo University of the Arts

From emergency relief for young artists to social communication

日比野克彦 写真

Art should not remain a mere object of appreciation. It should also transform the world by connecting the ordinary and extraordinary in people's lives.

Achieving peace is one of the greatest social challenges. Art can address these challenges without conflict or negotiation.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, ARTFES began to provide emergency relief to young artists and explore the future of art. It is held concurrently with Arts 7 (A7) and in collaboration with Mizuho Financial Group. The festival is now ready to launch on a new stage, as it widens its appeal, using the internet as a medium to deftly demolish the dividing walls and infuse real energy in an entirely new way.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to all for their support and cooperation.

Michihiko Yanai Professor / President's Executive Assistant Tokyo University of the Arts

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